Sportvitae Professional Crossfit Wrist Wraps Heavy Duty 1 Pair 45cm Perfect for Weight Lifting, Deadlift and Wrist Support - Man and Woman
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Sportvitae Professional Crossfit Wrist Wraps Heavy Duty 1 Pair 45cm Perfect for Weight Lifting, Deadlift and Wrist Support - Man and Woman

SOFT, RESISTANT AND ELASTIC MATERIAL - Made of extremely resistant materials. They provide a higher level of support to immobilize the wrist when necessary, or even to wrap the wrist lightly giving greater freedom of movement without stopping the support, no matter the sport or activity. Controlled compression, with less restriction of blood flow unlike more elastic wristbands. They do not become excessively elastic over time.

DOUBLE STITCHING AND EXTRA LARGE VELCROS - Unique design and great steadiess thanks to its highly resistant reinforced seams. They prolong the useful life of your wrist straps and guarantee that they do not disintegrate under extreme pressure. The Velcros are the longest and widest on the market and allow an unbeatable grip and superior durability. The support they provide during the exercise, whether in the gym or wherever, will help you avoid injuries and improve your WODs and workouts.

EASY ADJUSTMENT - They are very easy to use. The thumb loop allows the wristband to not move while you wrap it around the wrist, facilitating its placement and allowing you to adjust it to the just degree of tension you want to give it. Once the wrist straps are properly fastened, the loops can be removed from the thumbs if desired for greater comfort during the execution of the training. Each wristband is perfectly identified with L / R labels for easy placement.
IDEAL LENGTH - We provide you with the ideal measurements for a perfect wristband. Its 45 cm long are more than enough to maintain adequate tension of the wrist during the exercises. This measure is superior to other wrist straps, and at the same time is not excessively large or bulky, so its use and/or placement is not annoying. Store them easily and simply in the transporting bag that we provide when you buy them.

STRENGTH, TECHNIQUE AND STABILITY - Thanks to the support of the SportVitae wrist straps you will achieve greater stability in your movements and you will be able to improve your technique in training by strengthening the muscles of the wrist, forearm and arm. Whether in Crossfit exercises, bodybuilding, weightlifting or any other sport, the wrist wraps will help you avoid sudden turns that may involve damage, preventing any type of injury or pain in this area.

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