Makeup Brushes Cleaner and Dryer Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Dry Machine

Makeup Brushes Cleaner and Dryer Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Dry Machine

HIGH QUALITY MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANER & DRYER: Cleaner/Dryer parts of made of premium materials for long lasting service, precision, and safety. our makeup brush electric cleaner cleans your brushes to 99% for better performance applying makeup

CLEANS BRUSHES IN JUST 30 SECONDS: By the automatic brush cleaner , you can perfectly clean and dry brushes in less than a minute. This will make makeup application much faster and more pleasing. Don't be surprised if you have a little extra time for another cup of coffee before heading to work.

8 COLLARS INCLUDED: Accommodate all size brushes since clean and dry automatic brush cleaner includes an ergonomic electric switch for easy intuitive operation. All parts of the kit are precision crafted for tight, leak proof fit. The bowl is made of hygienic plastic and will not break if dropped. easy use automatic makeup brush cleaner and dryer.

EASY TO USE: Just 3 steps easily to use this electric makeup cleaner and dryer. 1.Attach the brush to the spinner. 2.Pour water and soap into the bowl. 3.Dip & spin to clean, raise & spin to dry.

A POWERFUL BATTERY OPERATED DEVICE: You don't need to be near a socket in order to clean your makeup brushes with the electric brush cleaner. Because of the battery operated style, you don't have to worry about depleting a charge in the middle of cleaning your brushes. Also thanks to its wireless design, you won't have to deal with wires or a bulky charging port and you can clean your brushes anywhere!

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