DAC Converter
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DAC Converter

【Digital to Analog Converter】Ozvavzk DAC Converter converts digital signals into analog signals. Input: 1xToslink (SPDIF, optical), 1x coaxial; output: 2xRCA (R/L), 1x3.5mm jack, audio output from headphone or speakers, no noise.
【Compatibility】The product supports uncompressed 2.1 channel PCM or LPCM digital audio signal output, suitable for DVD/Media Box/Game Console/Cable Box, etc., but the adapter is not compatible with 5.1 channel signal, such as AC3, it's really a good choice for home cinema audio conversion.
【Metal casing design】Aluminum shielding shell, strong anti-interference ability, stable transmission of sound quality, non-destructive conversion, clean voice, and a more beautiful appearance, is a visual enjoyment.
【Easy operation】It is suitable for digital to analog converter without complicated installation and download. It only needs to connect the product and equipment correctly, provide power for the product, and enjoy the service brought by the product. Plug and play.
【Note】You need to set your source device to PCM format, and you need to turn off Dolby sound, so that the product can run normally and send you an audio signal without noise.

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