1.8L Filter Coffee Machine
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1.8L Filter Coffee Machine

【24H Programmable Timer】 Wake up to the smell of coffee, thanks to the programmable timer that allows you to start the coffee machine 8 minutes before you wake up
【Boiling / Pause / Maintain】 Different temperature mode for this filter coffee maker. Do you need a coffee and don't have time to wait? Pause the boiling of the mixture to get your concentrated coffee. You can also keep the coffee at the desired temperature for up to 40 minutes
【Ultra-resistant glass carafe】 Drip coffee machine with the ultra-resistant glass carafe contains up to 12 cups of coffee and is equipped with a comfortable non-slip handle to pour easily and without dripping
【Easy to Use】 The filter basket is easy to remove for a quick refill and for easy and deep cleaning. The transparent window for water shows the water level in the tank so that you can not leave the machine without water by mail
【Promise】 We promise replacement or repair for product manufacturing defects, that is proof of our commitment to offering you an excellent service and product

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