Automatic Hand Sanitizer Disinfection Home Shop Office Hotel
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Automatic Hand Sanitizer Disinfection Home Shop Office Hotel

Hygienization of hands and objects.
Our intelligent sanitizing system can sanitize your hands, watches, smartphones, jewelry, keys, glasses, masks and any other object you can imagine thanks to this infrared device that reveals the presence at a distance of 12 centimeters or less. In this way you can guarantee a complete sanitization of the hands of your children or prove to your customers that they have a modern, efficient system without contact! Its small size allows easy and practical use thanks to its long-life rechargeable lithium battery (1800 mAh). Use the modern port (Type C) which fully charges the device in just three hours. For use remember to insert a liquid containing at least 75% alcohol, not in gel or other oily solutions that may damage the device

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