USB Type C to Headphone Jack 3.5mm Audio
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USB Type C to Headphone Jack 3.5mm Audio

【Powerful Adapters】Connects your USB-C to any 3.5mm device, from Headphones, Speakers to Selfie sticks, works with your headset´s in-line mic and remote control
【Internal DAC Chip】Superior built-in digital to analog converter outputs high resolution audio, ensuring maximum signal transfer and reducing interference for a natural and Hi-Fi sound
【Wider Compatibility】Designed to work with most of mobile phones and tablets with audio enabled dedicated USB-C port or USB Type-A Port, such as Google Pixel 4 XL/3 XL/2 XL, Moto Z/Z2, HTC U11, Essential PH-1, Huawei, HTC, LG, Sony, Pad Pro 2018, fully compatible with 3.5mm standard plug【Samsung can only be used to listen to songs】
【Relief Strain Design】:With the relief strain design, this adapter can stand 40000+ bending tests, which makes this adpter much more durable.
【Multi-function Dongle】: This compact usb-c to aux adapter enable you to listen musics and answer phone call with your headphone and support wire control function as well.

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