Hair Growth Serum, Hair Growth Spray, Anti Hair Loss, Promote Hair Growth
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Hair Growth Serum, Hair Growth Spray, Anti Hair Loss, Promote Hair Growth

【Product Effectiveness】: Repair hair follicles, promote blood circulation of the hair follicle, stabilize hair roots, reduce hair loss, branch, effectively reduce hair loss, mild to the scalp. Increase hair density and help make your hair thicker and stronger.
【Hair growth spray】: The hair growth spray helps revitalize the hair from the root and stimulates healthy growth. To promote the development of healthy hair follicles, to soften thinning hair, to strengthen the fibers against breakage and to condense existing strands of hair to make the hair fuller and stronger.
【NATURAL INGREDIENTS】: Ginger Extract, Ginseng Extract, Fleece-flower Root, Angelica extract, Grape seed oil, GlycerolAll natural herbal ingredients are carefully curated to form the gentlest and most effective hair growth solution for all hair types.

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