Digital Guitar Tuner-Koney.Europe
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Digital Guitar Tuner-Koney.Europe

♪ Multifunctional Tuner: With the very simple and intuitive key operation you can choose between chromatic (C), guitar (G), ukulele (U), violin (V) and bass (B). The small multi-function tuner can be used for multiple instruments.
♪ Precise tuning: Connect the tuner, turn it on, select the instrument and strike a string. The tuner automatically detects the string tuning. If this is correct, the display of the tuner lights up green. Depending on the color to be distinguished, the pitch is: red is low, yellow is high, green is accurate.
♪ Full Color Display: 360 Rotary LCD Screen - Multi-angle view Rotating design that lets you easily see if you are in different lighting situations from any angle.
♪ Energy-saving function: the pitch clip also turns off when it detects no vibrations of more than 3 minutes to save the battery.

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