Pet Electric Toothbrush Dog Cat Tartar Remover
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Pet Electric Toothbrush Dog Cat Tartar Remover

[DENTAL CARE FOR YOUR BELOVED PET] - LifeBasis Pet Teeth Cleaner can effectively clean pet’s dental stains, tartar, plague and . calculus. Using the electric professional teeth polisher in your pet's current dental care routine will result in a fresher breath, thereby reducing worries about your beloved pet’s health. Wonderful gifts for pets.
[TEETH-FRIENDLY SUPERIOR SAFE MATERIAL] - The tooth brushes are made of Silicone materials which do good to pet’s teeth, using electromagnetic power movement so that high-speed brush rotation let its high frequency grinding tooth surface, professionally addressing the issue of pet's stains and hard tartar.
[RELIABLE AND VERSATILE DESIGN] - LifeBasis dog dental plaque tartar cleaners are designed with two insertion modes, USB powered and battery powered (not included), three operating modes and four different types of brushes for more thorough teeth clean for your beloved pet. In particular, the size of the brush head is 1.33 inches after the brush is installed.
[EASY TO USE] - Install one brush and apply the appropriate amount of toothpaste on it, then place on the stain and turn on the switch to rotate. After use, please take the brush out and clean it, drying and putting it back in the storage box. With default USB Charging, in case of emergency, you can use 2 AA batteries , 2 ways of power supply makes it ideal to keep it handy in household or to take with you when you travel.

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