Adjustable Shoe Slots Organizer 4 pcs
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Adjustable Shoe Slots Organizer 4 pcs

NON-SLIP ABS PLASTIC: The shoe slots are made of high-quality, durable, and lightweight ABS plastic. Special non-slip baffle plates on the shoe slot surface provide excellent grip and prevent your shoes from falling or sliding off.
3-LEVELS HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: You can adjust the height of the shoe slots according to the shoe size. There are 3 levels( 6/12.5/20cm - 2.36'/4.92'/7.87'), which make it possible to accommodate any shoe type such as sneakers, high heels, slippers, sandals, flats, kid's shoes; and any size of men, women, and children shoes.
DOUBLE STORAGE CAPACITY: The shoe slots allow you to store more than twice as many shoes in the same space. An ideal space saving solution for your mudroom, walkway, hallway, bedroom, wardrobe, closet floor, shoe shelf, shoe racks, shoe collection, office, or bench.
EASY TO CLEAN AND PROTECTS YOUR SHOES: Keep all your shoes well organized and protected. These shoe slots organizers are easy to clean by just using water and soap. The shoe slots also prevent you from accidentally scuffing or damaging your shoes, as they will reduce clutter on the shelf and allow you to store the shoes you love safely.
VERSATILE: You can easily organize all your shoes on existing shelves, cabinets, decks, twin shelf stackable shoe racks or on the floor. Perfect for your closet storage, entryway, shoe compartment organizer, or door shoe rack organizer.

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Shoe Slot Organizer is made of high-grade ABS material,is durable and reliable,and ventilates your shoes. The 3 level adjustment from 6cm to 20cm adapts to shoes of all sizes.
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