baby bibs 7 pcs

baby bibs 7 pcs

The package includes 7 colored bibs with animal fantasy in 3 variants:

➊ WATERPROOF GAG (3 pieces), soft cotton material in contact with delicate skin + a waterproof plasticized polyester layer. Perfect for everyday baby food. Velcro closure at the neck, placed on the side. Size 19x16 cm.

➋ LONG SLEEVE APRON, (1 piece), 100% polyester material Antibacterial safe, waterproof. It covers the sleeves. Perfect for protecting clothing for messy eaters even in kindergarten and small artists who love painting and drawing. Easy back closure. pocket collect porridge. Size 41x37 cm.

➌ BANDANA (3 pieces), 100% super soft natural organic cotton material, super absorbent and comfortable to wear. Adjustable button closure with plastic back clips. Perfect for keeping your newborn baby crying or nibbling dry. Dimensions 24x24x38 cm.

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