Concealer Contour Highlighter Stick Contour
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Concealer Contour Highlighter Stick Contour

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✔Find your look with Contour Stick Contour Stick,Spell Guarantee a flawless complexion. Mit this professional selection of cool and warm colors you manage the perfect Contouring.
✔Double ended 2 in 1 highlight and contour accurtet Contour Stick has a creamy finish that effortlessly covers contours, highlights and contours. The Double ended 2 in 1 Contour Stick is suitable for every skin tone, including a universal shade. The best contouring makeup for a natural look. Provides pleasant wearing comfort. Waterproof long-lasting effect.
✔Provides medium to natural coverage for larger areas of the face, hides the appearance of blemishes, minimizes fine lines.

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