Memory Foam Seat Cushion for Kitchen Dining Chairs-GENERAL
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Memory Foam Seat Cushion for Kitchen Dining Chairs-GENERAL

❤Slow rebound filler: Made from high quality 100% memory foam, it is super soft and provides extra hip elastic support. Whether it's pillows, mattresses, bedding or upholstery, everyone knows that memory foam is the leader in comfort materials.
❤Super Soft Fabric: Made of high quality flannel fabric, the plush is delicate and dense, natural and soft, and it is not irritating to skin contact. Flannel has a full layer of fluff, which feels very soft and smooth, and has no grain.
❤Easy to clean: The seat cushion is made of high quality flannel and the zipper makes it easy to clean and care. Another advantage of the flannel fabric is that it does not shed hair, does not pilling, and does not shrink. Its suede is very smooth and flat.

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